December 21, 2018


For Sauce:

1/2 C onion, chopped

2 Garlic cloves, minced

1.5 Lbs Ground beef

24 oz bottle Terlato Vodka Sauce

1 t Sugar

(you could definitely use a fro...

December 7, 2018


2 Medium zucchini

1/4 C Flour 

1 C Panko bread crumbs 

1/3 C Pistachio Crumbs 

1 Treager Veggie Rub 

1 large egg, beaten + 1T Water


September 6, 2018

"There is nothing more dangerous than a dull knife" 

                         - Scary Chef instructor...

March 20, 2018

I get asked all the time about how I make cookies on my Traeger grill. This is a seriously no fail, FABULOUS recipe that you can make in your smoker! You ca...

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A Traegirl in her Copper Kitchen

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December 21, 2018

September 6, 2018

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