well, hello there.

Its finally here! The BLOG. I'm of more the cooking persuasion than the tech savvy persuasion, so forgive me for taking a minute (or 2 weeks- whatever) to get this blog up and running. Let me start with a little background. I was born and raised in California, and found my love for cooking (and food in general) through my mother who is a phenomenal cook. I attended college in Utah where I kicked around about 84 different majors for few years until I finally decided that what I really LOVED to do was to cook. I entered the culinary arts program at Utah Valley University and I knew it was a match made in heaven. ( I did eventually get my bachelors degree in public relations and event management... only took 6 years after starting college but whose counting?)

ANYWAYS I really love food, I really love to create recipes, and I recently learned that I love to smoke things on my Traeger. I hope this blog will show you that making professional fancy pants dishes is TOTALLY doable, while also helping me keep track of my recipes ( Some dishes are made with "what do I currently have in the fridge that needs to get used"). Enjoy and happy cooking!

On a side note, did I announce the gender of my 2nd child using donuts? YEP. Why? because donuts are life.