Smoked Pizza with Prosciutto, Burratta, Summer Berries and Pistachios

Pizza and the weekend go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Or pizza and anything)

This particular weekend however I felt like I needed to make one that wasn't quite as heavy as a meat lovers. Not to mention I knew I wanted to use burratta cheese. This cheese is easily the BEST cheese on pizza! SO creamy and melts beautifully.

Even though there not a ton of meat on this pizza, its filling ad summery and I guarantee no meats sweats will ensue.

1 portion of your favorite pizza dough ( I buy the premade dough from Harmons)

1/2 peach sliced

1T evoo

2oz prosciutto , ripped

10-15 Blackberries

10 pistachios, crushed

1/4t Black Pepper

2T Cornmeal

Set smoker to "smoke" with the lid open for 5 minutes.

When the fire is established, place your pizza stone in the smoker and preheat to "high"

Roll the dough out to about a10in circle on a floured surface

Spread the cornmeal on an overturned cookie sheet and place the dough on top. (this will keep the dough from sticking to your table and make it easier to put into the smoker.

Brush the dough with evoo.

Place the prosciutto evenly around the pizza, followed by burratta, then peaches.

Slide the dough from the cookie sheet onto the pizza stone and close the lid.

Smoke for 10-15 minutes or until the edges are golden brown

Remove pizza from smoker and place on a cutting board.

Top with the blackberries, pistachios, and black pepper!

This is the perfect summer pizza and takes no time at all to make!