Tart Lemon Berry Pie

My mom loves pie. So every year I try to make a different one. I think her favorite is berry pie, so I put a fun lemony twist on the one this year! its tart and sweet and holds together beautifully. And you just cant beat that oversized lattice crust!

For Crust

2.5C All purpose Four

1t Salt

1T Sugar

14T Butter, cold and diced

6T Ice water

1Egg plus 1T milk for wash

1T Turbinado Sugar

*this recipe will make a double crust pie*

Combine Flour, salt and sugar.

Use a pastry cutter or food processor to mix half of the butter into the flour mix. It should resemble course meal.

Combine the second half of the butter until completely combined and there are no butter chunks bigger than the size of a pea.

Add the ice water 1 Tablespoon at a time until the dough comes together ( If the dough seems dry try adding another Tablespoon or two until you get the right consistency)

Separate the dough into 2 parts (1 slightly bigger than the other).

Form the dough into disks or patties, wrap in plastic wrap, and refrigerate at lased 2 hours. ( you can refrigerate it up to 2 days ahead!)

When ready to bake, remove from fridge and let sit 15 minutes before you roll it out.

Roll out on a floured surface about 1/4in thick. Fit the dough into a 9in pie pan making sure to use scraps of dough to fill I any cracks in the base. You don't want a soggy bottom pie!

Fill with berry filling making sure its full to the top

Roll out the other half of the dough to 1/4in and trace a circle around your pie tin to get the right size of strips.

Cut the circle into 1 inch thick strips for the lattice top. ( I prefer an oversized lattice top so I get more crust!)

layer the strips in an "over and under" pattern to achieve the lattice. Cut off the excess dough.

Pinch the edges of the crust into the lattice strips so you have a uniform top, then pinch the crust around the pie! ( a fork works well for this part as well if you don't want to freehand it! )

Brush the crust with the egg wash and sprinkle with the Turbinado Sugar

For Filling

6C mixed Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries and sliced Cherries

1 Lemon Zest and juice (use half if you want it less tart)

1t Vanilla

1/2C Sugar

1/3C Brown Sugar

1/4C Cornstarch

1/2t Salt

Toss the berries with the lemon zest, juice, and vanilla. Add the sugars, salt, and cornstarch. Mix well until the cornstarch is completely absorbed. Fill pie crust.

Cook at (375F) for 50 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. Let the pie cool for a few hours before you serve it for the best consistency

Serve with Vanilla bean Ice Cream.

Perfect summer dessert! Happy birthday mom!