Inside Out Vanilla Bean S'mores

I have a thing for s'mores. Lets just get that out there. Anything I could put between graham crackers, I would. After exhausting all of my options there, I decided to just start from scratch and make all the layers however I wanted. Enter the inside out s'more. This marshmallow recipe is great on its own, but I really wanted to make it stand out in this recipe so I added a little vanilla bean an it was amazing!

1 Brownie recipe

(I used a double batch of ghirardelli) Bake according to instructions. Use parchment paper on the bottom! Remove from pan while still hot. Roll out while still warm to about 1/2in. Use powdered sugar on your rolling surface.

When the brownies are MOSTLY but not FULLY cool, use a biscuit cutter to cut the brownies into circles.

Smash the scraps together and continue making brownie rounds until you've used all the brownie. a 9x13 pan Should make about 24 rounds.

Let cool.

2-3 Bars White Chocolate

For Marshmallows

1C Water

3 Envelopes unflavored gelatin

2C Sugar

1/2C Karo Syrup

1/2t Salt

1Vanilla Bean

To coat marshmallows

1C powdered Sugar

1T Cornstarch

Mix gelatin and 1/2C water in a stand mixer.

In a saucepan combine sugar, karo syrup, other 1/2C Sugar, and salt over medium heat. Bing to a rolling boil for 1 minute and remove from heat.

While mixing the gelatin with the wisk attachment on low speed, Add the sugar mixture to the gelatin SLOWLY.

Turn the mixer to HIGH and whip for 12 minutes until the mixture is very thick an fluffy. After 12 minutes, add the vanilla bean and mix until combined.

Pour the mixture into a heavily buttered 9x13 (depending on how thick you want your mallows) pan and tightly cover with plastic wrap for a few hours, or even overnight.

Once set, Dust the countertop in the sugar/cornstarch mix and flip the pan out onto the sugared surface. Cut marshmallows into squares, and cover each one in powdered sugar.

Try not to eat them all.

Toast the marshmallows (I used my gas stove) and press them between 2 brownie rounds and a piece of white chocolate.

These marshmallows toast faster than your regular run of the mill mallows. Press the brownies on top of the toasted mallows and hold for a minute or two so it wont slide off!

VIOLA! best dessert ever!