12 Hour Smoked Brisket

I've done a few briskets in my day, but due to having a toddler and a baby, I tend to stay around the 4-5 hour range. Who knew a 12 hour brisket would be so easy? Not to mention that the smoke ring in this one is by FAR the best looking one I've done.

1 6Lb Bisket

1T Salt

1t Fresh ground pepper

4-5T Traeger Seasoning (cover the entire thing)

Butcher paper

Ice Chest

Internal thermometer

The night before you plan to smoke it, cover your brisket in salt and pepper, and wrap it in plastic wrap. Let it sit in the fridge overnight.

I Started my Brisket at 5:00 am.

Set smoker to "smoke" with the lid open about 5 minutes. Place the Brisket inside, and don't touch it for about 6 hours.

Use your thermometer.

When your meat hits (160F) take it out of the smoker and wrap it SUPER tight in butcher paper.

Set the smoker to (225F) and put the brisket back in for 3 hours. Turn your smoker to (275F) for another hour or until your meat reaches (205F)

Remove from the smoker.

Set your meat (still wrapped) in a foil tray and place in an ice chest for 2 hours.

YES 2 HOURS OF RESTING. It's worth it.

This really is an amazing way to cook your food, and with an internal thermometer its SUPER easy.