Poached Pear and Sweet Goat Cheese Tart on Phyllo Dough with Lemon and Pistachio

Gorgeous when plated. The flavors are AH-MAZ-ING together, and everyone you make it for will love it. Seriously. Make it.

1 Pkg frozen Phyllo dough, thawed (you'll only need about 8 sheets)

4T Butter, melted

1-3 pears, firm (depending on how many you want on top)

1 Lemon, sliced thin

1 bottle Mikes hard lemonade

1bottle mikes hard cherry lemonade

1/2C water

4oz Goat cheese

2C Heavy whipping Cream

1/2C + 3T Granulated Sugar

9 Pistashios, crushed

1. Combine the Lemonades, water, and 1/2C sugar in a deep pot. Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Turn down to a simmer. Add the sliced lemons.

2. Peel the pears leaving the stem, and cut the bottoms so they stand flat. place them in the poaching liquid until they are cooked, but still firm. about 15 minutes. Turning them occasionally to be sure they are evenly cooked and covered. ( you can lay them on their side if you need to) Remove carefully and place them on wax paper to cool.

3.leave the lemon slices in the poaching liquid and keep at a simmer on the stove an additional 15 minutes. ( or until the syrup is thickened, and the lemon sliced and translucent and rinds are a dark pink.) then place lemons on cooling rack to dry and harden slightly.

4. Pour 1/2 of the heavy Cream, and 3T Sugar into an electric mixer and whip until soft peaks form. Add the goat cheese, and other half of the cream and mix until all the chunks are gone and you have a dense smooth cream. (about 5 minutes)

5. Preheat oven to (350F) then line a cookie sheet with parchment.

6. VERY carefully lay one sheet of Phyllo dough on the parchment. Brush with butter, and add another sheet. Continue until all 8+ sheets are used. * if you need more butter, melt more butter*

7. Bake for about 15-20 minutes, until the phyllo is golden and puffy. Let cool.

8. While the Phyllo crust cools, slice the cooled pears into thin slices, lengthwise. (Use a melon baller to remove the hard centers and seeds if you want your tart seed free) the Tart is pretty big, and you cant go wrong with more pears. Serve any slices you don't use on your tart on the side. They're delicious by themselves!

9. CAREFULLY Spread the cream mixture onto the phyllo, leaving a crust. Decorate the top of the tart wit the pears and lemon slices, then sprinkle the pistachios. Drizzle with poaching liquid right before serving.