Easy Chocolate Cream Cheese Rum Cake with Rum Glaze

I don't always use box cake mix, but when I do, I Dr. the crap out of it and make it fabulous. This recipe was a TOTAL accident, and thank goodness cause its SO good.


For Cake:

1 Box Chocolate cake mix

3 Eggs, room temp

1/2 C melted and cooled butter

1C Milk

1 Pkg Cream Cheese Pudding

2 T Rum

For Glaze:

1/2 Container Milk Chocolate frosting

1T Rum

1. Combine all ingredients for the cake and pour into a greased bake according to package directions. Let cool.

2. Microwave the package of frosting for about 30 seconds, or until melted and quite thin. Add the rum. Pour evenly over the cake. Garnish with edible flowers.

Seriously. That's it. YES it tastes amazing, and NO you'd never guess its from a box. #yourewelcome