Spatchcocked Chicken with Guinness Glaze

Some version of Smoked Chicken along with this Guinness Glaze is always on repeat at my house. Truly one of my very favorite Chicken Recipes ever. You can pair it with Chicken breasts, Beer can Chicken, Shredded Chicken, pretty much any chicken ever, and toss it all in THIS SAUCE.



Organic Chicken (5-7 Lbs) Spatchcocked

2T Treager Chicken Rub or Meatchurch

1/4C Unsalted Butter, room temp

1. Very carefully make pockets between the skin and meat with your hands. Try not to break he skin.

2.Then spread 1/2 of the butter UNDER the skin on the meat of the breasts and legs.

3. Spread the other half of the butter on TOP of the chicken making sure to get the entire surface.

4. Next, sprinkle the rub all over the top AND bottom of the bird. Don't be chincy, and don't miss any spots.

5. Place directly on the grates, breast side up at (400F). Smoke for about 30 minutes or until you get an internal temp between (161F - 165F)

6. Serve with the Guinness Glaze. On the side, or on top.


6 oz Guinness (half of a glass bottle)

1/2C Treager Texas heat BBQ Sauce

1/2C Apple cider Vinegar

3/4C Brown Sugar

1. Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan. Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Then lower the heat to a simmer for about 30 minutes till thickened. Eat on everything.

** To Spatchcock: Cut spine out, lay flat skin side up, and press the breastbone until it breaks. Yes, very violent, but the chicken cooks WAY faster this way and gets TONS of smokey flavor